We are a coaching and training company that equips all students of life to identify, discover and align themselves with God given protentional and skill in order to achieve their dream careers We prioritize and focus on their strengths and interests.
Our goal is to help everyone especially at an early age, to know what they want to become and take correct steps towards the journey of pursuing career paths.

In 2016, Sheilla the Human Resource administrator and even years later as Human Resource Manager, identified the need and the gap of lack of intentional career guidance/training among teenagers and the young adults growing up, going through school and they didn’t know what or who they wanted to become or even do.


One of the greatest thing that happened to me, was someone recommending me for this class. Since the person is way a bit older than I am, I first thought that they are pushing me in for things way too professional since I was still a student. But the moment I joined the class, I was so happy, this is what I was looking for. I was so amazed that I was not the only one out there carrying a zeal to not only lead but influence everywhere I go. *"The becoming an influencer leadership class*" has been an amazing journey to discover my strength, polish my weaknesses, serve better, nurture and empower people around me to be who they are. Thats why I called it great because it has positioned me for greatness. Thank you so much Shiela and the team for the great work your doing to empower so many out there to become better leaders.
Nellie Paulette Ntalo.
I really appreciated my mastermind classes, the lessons were passionate and motivating, i feel more confident now, they gave me a bility to talk in public, those lessons were life changing, i recommended and encourage anyone to do the same.the mastermind classesa are great way to improve and develop your work skills, relationship skills, life style generally, dealing with other's in all ways


These are some of the students who have successfully gone through our trainings


Some of the members of the first cohort showing off their certificates

2nd Cohort

Some members of the 2nd cohort posing with their photos

3 rd cohort

Some members of the third cohort posing with their certificates after the course.