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About me

I am a, certified coach, speaker and trainer .

Agasha Sheila Mpumwire is a certified coach from the John. C. Maxwell University.

In 2016, Sheilla the Human Resource administrator and even years later as Human Resource Manager, identified the need and the gap of lack of intentional career guidance/training among teenagers and the young adults growing up, going through school and they didn’t know what or who they wanted to become or even do. This lack of guidance and assistance on how to identify and tap in their inward potential and skills to achieve their career dreams, birthed a need to go out and train, coach and give career guidance to those who need these service. 2021 she enrolled for an international certification from the John Maxwell university as a certified coach speaker and trainer. With this vest knowledge acquired and experience gained Bitasha Career Coach and Consult was formed to support and guide every individual reach their ultimate career goal.